Across the Country, Thousands Take the Streets in Anti-Trump Protests

Across the Country, Thousands Take the Streets in Anti-Trump Protests

As America comes to grips with the fact that Donald Trump will soon be president, thousands of people around the country have taken to the streets peaceful protest.

On Wednesday morning in Berkeley, CA, 1,500 students at Berkeley High walked out in protest of the election results. Joined by students from Oakland Technical and Albany High School, they marched towards the campus of the University of California Berkeley where they were joined by students from the university.

Protests in major cities across the country began in the early evening and are continuing peacefully into the night. In New York, protestors gathered in Union Square by the thousands and marched in a massive wave towards Trump Tower.

In Chicago, thousands of protestors marched through the Loop and stopped traffic on Lake Shore Drive, meeting at Trump Tower and chanting “No Trump, No KKK, No Fascists USA.”

In Oakland, San Francisco and Seattle, protests began in earnest around 5pm and will likely continue into the night.

A protestor in Seattle holds an image of President-elect Donald Trump in all his glory. (Photo via AP)

Despite the vast numbers of people turning out to protest the results of our long national nightmare, protests have been relatively peaceful. Everyone out there, stay safe.

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