Open Thread: I Ain't Worried, Doin' Me Tonight

Open Thread: I Ain't Worried, Doin' Me Tonight
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Well buds, it looks like we made it to the end of this year, despite the vast forces in this world that conspired against us. It’s a Saturday and it’s freakin’ New Year’s Eve, which means you’re either sitting on your couch in stretch velvet leggings eating popcorn or preparing yourself to throw some sequins, some lipstick and some dancing shoes to get on out there and give this year the swift kick in the pants it deserves.

I leave you with the sheer joy that is Beyoncé’s “Get Me Bodied” – the extended remix only, I don’t play – and wish you all the best in the coming year. Also: there’s still time to learn all the dances from the second half of this video before you show up to the function, even if the function is just a self-curated House Hunters: International marathon, a little bit of weed and a few wines.

Happy New Year, pals!

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